Salute to Lee Kuan Yew

Mar 26, 2015

Salute to Lee Kuan Yew

Driven, persistent, with a solid dedication and passion, a man of foresight with a fighting spirit, the one who believes in every person’s capability to contribute to the growth of the society, Lee Kuan Yew—The Founding Father of Modern Singapore.


For three decades, during his governance, goods jobs were created, education system was intensified, and infrastructures were heightened; a vibrant economy emerged.  Through his efforts and great leadership, Lee Kuan Yew has transformed Singapore from a Third World to a First World Country.


Lee Kuan Yew is a gift not only to Singapore but to all nations around the world.  He is an inspiration, a true leader and a father to all of us.


--You may have left this world, but your legacy lives to guide the nation and your people through continuous success.


Esco as a microcosm of Singapore will further strengthen and improve in every possible aspects as a tribute to Singapore founding father.