24/7 wireless remote monitoring made easier with Esco PROtect

Mar 25, 2015

24/7 wireless remote monitoring made easier with Esco PROtect

What Esco PROtect Does?

Your samples are precious and every precaution has to be taken to PROtect their integrity. Esco PROtect wireless monitoring system can detect unsafe conditions of your freezers and other cold storage system as well as other temperature-controlled equipment such as ovens and incubators, that is most helpful during severe failure.

Esco PROtect monitoring system includes radio frequency recorders which can be connected to any brands of temperature-controlled equipment. These recorders automatically send data to a central server to monitor temperature and other parameters.


Real Time Monitoring System

Wireless Technology that protects your samples 24/7 with continuous data logging function and immediate alarm notifications.

Simple and Cost-Effective

Can centrally monitor integrity of samples even during a power outage or electronic failure of temperature-controlled equipment. Accurate, efficient and is readily available thru the display or through PC.

Traceability and Security - Quality Assurance

Complies with quality assurance procedures such as ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 norm, and Good Laboratory Practices. Conforms to 21 CFR part 11.

Alarm Capabilities - Securing Your Samples

Real-time alarm management, visual and audible alert, remote alarm notification via e-mail, which avoid loss of products.

Software System and PC Interface

Remote visualization of data. Easy-to-use software interface.