A new level of quality control

Esco Medical at ESHRE 2015

Jun 15, 2015

A new level of quality control

Happening Now!

A new level of Quality Control has come your way...

Esco Medical at ESHRE 2015! Visit Us at Booth G04-F07. We are right in front of the libation.

We are showcasing the latest addition to our IVF product line.

  • Semi Closed Environment (SCE) for ICSI and IVF are designed to perform microscopy and ICSI under stable conditions (CO2 and Temperature).
  • Culture and Preparation are made easier with the four different types of new culture dishes. Fertilization and culturing dish for standard procedures, CultureCoin for Miri® TL, Communal Reservoir CultureCoin for Miri® TL, and ICSI Dish allow smooth and accurate working procedures in the lab.
  • HEPA/VOC filter which are fully developed and manufactured by Esco Medical. This enables us to fully control its manufacturing process and parts used, thus maximum level of Air Quality is guaranteed. Conveniently located at the back of Miri® Multi-room and Miri® TL incubators so you can easily change it yourself.
  • Miri® GA and Miri GA Mini are intended to make incubator validation easier and safer. Both can be connected to any brand of incubator and are perfect accessories of Miri® TL and Miri® Multi-room Incubator.
  • Visual Insights - Miri® TL, Miri® Multi-room Incubator and Miri® GA are equipped with a complete Data logger software in which you can get a full insight of the unit's performance.