Your best partner in DNA amplification - Esco PCR Thermal Cyclers

Mar 20, 2015

Your best partner in DNA amplification - Esco PCR Thermal Cyclers


The Aeris™ Thermal Cycler offer 5 interchangeable blocks designed to meet critical requirements for different applications: it suits a variety of consumable PCR tubes, strips, plates, and slides.The AeonStar™ peltier is qualified to deliver outstanding & precise performance. The unique IsoHeat™ temperature control technology delivers high heating and cooling rates with excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity. The SmartDrive™ automatic block recognition increases user convenience. Aerislink™ software enables remote monitoring and control of up to 30 individual units via one PC.



Adjustable Hot Lid

To prevent reagents from evaporating, the height of the hot lid is adjustable to suit all kinds of tube.

Adjustable Ramp Rate

High ramp rate of up to 4.0°C/sec. Suits all reagents. Allows protocols to be transferred from other cyclers.

Promise No 'Edge Effect' - Excellent Temperature Uniformity

Unique IsoHeat™ temperature control technology guarantees extremely uniform temperature between central and edge wells. Precisely tuned and tested AeonStar™ Peltier, temperature sensor, and proprietary control algorithms provide highest temperature accuracy.