All about Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Aug 27, 2015

All about Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

What is Biochemical Oxygen Demand

How does it affect Water Quality?

How does BOD affect Water Quality

When abnormally high levels of bacterial activity takes place, often due to organic pollution from domestic sewage, industrial sewage, septic tank leakage, and fertilizer runoff, the level of dissolved oxygen can drop dramatically. Water will be in anaerobic condition resulting in mortality of living aquatic organisms.

In low BOD value however, nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates will be overly abundant which in turn will result to algal blooms. Harmful algal bloom causes negative impacts to other organisms via production of natural toxins or mechanical damage to other organisms.

How to perform BOD Test?

The test for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is a bioassay procedure carried out in a given water sample, incubated at 20°C for five days.

Low Temperature Incubator or Refrigerated Incubator is an incubator designed to maintain 20°C necessary to perform this test test.

It is a very common procedure done in Industrial Cooling Towers, Metals and Mining Site Drainage, Agricultural and Municipal Drainage, Sewage-infiltrated Groundwater, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical and Chemical Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Sewage Treatment Plants and many others.

How to perform BOD Test

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